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Polysaccharides Benefits(2009/1/16 15:09:20)

Polysaccharides are complex carbohydrates. They are generally large in size when compared to other molecules and are made up of lots of smaller bonds. Some more common polysaccharides include starch, glycogen, cellulose, and chitin. Polysaccharides can be used for many different types of applications.

One such application involves using polysaccharides in order to treat water that has been polluted and to condition sludge to make it less deadly and easier to clean up. Polysaccharides have many properties that make their use in such things very helpful. They are used to biodegrade harmful pollutants that would otherwise be very bad news for the environment. Their structures allow for them to be able to break up different pollutants by bonding with them and taking on some of their atoms thereby reducing them to harmless matter.

Polysaccharides are also used for the body. Since they are so big they can store lots of energy in the body for later use. By eating foods that contain polysaccharides the body is gaining access to a lot of energy that can be used at later points by breaking the bonds that hold together the polysaccharides. This causes the stored energy to be released and usable by the body for its many functions. In this way polysaccharides are very important to the body since they provide the body with ways to get access to energy when it is not present from other sources such as food. So even if you are hungry you can still move about and have the energy for your body to function because you have stored energy you can use up until the next time you eat, without this energy bodies might shut down more often from exhaustion. Like other good molecules however polysaccharides are constantly being used up so in order to be able to constantly take advantage of their benefits we must make sure to supply our bodies with them constantly or else problems may arise.

While polysaccharides are generally good for the body there are some that can be potentially unhealthy and in some cases even deadly. These polysaccharides are polysaccharide shells that have bacteria in the middle of them. The bacteria if let into the body can be the cause of major sicknesses and in some extreme cases even death in people. Some of the sicknesses caused by these bacteria in polysaccharide casing are pneumonia, influenza, gonorrhea, and meningitis. It has been found that people without a spleen are more likely to be infected by polysaccharide bacteria. They are therefore offered vaccinations in order to keep such sicknesses at bay. Also younger children do not have the ability to create antibodies that fight away polysaccharide bacteria and so they too run a higher risk of having such bacteria infect them. That is why younger children are encouraged to get vaccinations while they are young in order to help them have some line of defense against these infections but even with vaccinations you cannot always prevent sickness from occurring.


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