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Allicin in Garlic Does Not Exist until it is made(2009/5/11 20:27:00)
The allicin in garlic does not exist unless you make it. In other words, there isn't any allicin in garlic to begin with. There is only dry fiber cells and liquid acid cells. When you cut or crush garlic, the acid pours on the fiber and allicin is the result of that chemical reaction. What works in the garlic really isn't there until we chew it, or slice it, or bruise it. That is why garlic doesn't have much of a smell until you really activate it.
The allicin is created by the acid cells being ruptured and mixing with the fiber of garlic. It's an immediate chemical reaction and allicin is produced. That's why a fresh garlic clove doesn't have much smell. But when you chop it up, boom, you're creating chemistry in your kitchen.
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