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The Function Difference Between Seabuckthorn Fruit(2009/5/11 20:29:57)

The Compositions of the two oils are different, the content of polyunsaturated fatty acids of seed oil is higher than fruit oil, but fruit oil is richer in Beta-carotene and flavonoid than seed oil. It's known that seabuckthorn fruit oil has better skin self-repair ability than seed oil, maybe it's higher C16:2 in fruit oil. However seabuckthorn fruit oil has high content of yellow pigment which makes skin look yellow, that limits its applications in cosmetic industry. Currently seabuckthorn fruit oil is a good choice to treat cervical erosion.  

Regarding oral administration, seabuckthorn fruit oil is famous in repairing liver. And seabuckthorn seed oil is effective in repairing liver, softening blood vessel, regulating blood fat and strengthening the body's immunity.

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