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How Long It Takes For Rosehip Oil To Whiten Skin(2010/5/10 4:36:53)
There are three skin types: oily skin;normal skin and dry skin.Rosehip oil works quickly for oily skin, about 1 month to turn the skin yellow,2 months from yellow to white,3 months the skin becomes white touched with red,find and smooth skin with no lipid, 4 months some wrinkles appear to hand skin which is the result of linoleic acid fighting against skin fat,appropriate moisturizing is enough.For mormal skin, usually 1.5 months are used to turn skin yellow, 2 months to whitnen the skin,3 months to have white touched with red and smooth skin.It wokds slowly for dry skin, 2.5 to 3 months to turn yellow, 4 months to whiten the skin, 5 months to cast of the old skin and get the new and fine skin.
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