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The Benefits of Orange Oil in Soap(2010/10/12 2:45:28)

A nice citrusy scent can be invigorating and rejuvenating during a bath or shower. Orange oil soap is also an antiseptic and an anti-inflammatory. It can have an aphrodisiac effect, can remove toxins from the skin and is a natural antidepressant.

Antiseptic & Anti-inflammatory
Orange oil is a natural antiseptic when used in soap. It can help to prevent sepsis and tetanus from wounds caused by iron or metal. It is also naturally
antimicrobial and works as a disinfectant to clean wounds.
Orange oil when taken internally or used externally can help prevent inflammation. When used in soap it can prevent inflammation caused by shaving or from
dermatological issues.

Orange oil has detoxification properties due to its high concentration of vitamin C. Juices high in vitamin C, including lemon, cranberry and orange, are
often recommended for use during detoxification diets. When used on the skin, they can help to alleviate acne and other skin problems. A topical form of orange oil, such as soap, when used on a regular basis, may help protect the skin from sun damage and lighten age spots.

The scent of orange oil can evoke strong sensations and memories, which is why it is often employed for aromatherapy. Orange oil can reputedly act an
antidepressant, soothing the nerves and easing stress. The use of orange oil in soap can give you a psychological boost with your morning shower.

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