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Pomegranate Oil for Weight Loss(2010/10/12 3:20:42)

A study published in the British Journal of Nutrition in January of 2009 announced that mice given pomegranate oil along with a high-fat diet weighed less than mice just given a high-fat diet. This suggests that pomegranate oil helps to curb weight gain. This is an incredible finding has propelled pomegranate oil into the spotlight and is prompting further tests.

In addition to that potentially life-changing discovery, the same experiment showed that the insulin levels of mice given pomegranate oil did not spike. For those diagnosed with diabetes, taking pomegranate oil might be a natural way to maintain healthy insulin levels. Furthermore, people who have risk factors for diabetes, such as family history, can preemptively take pomegranate oil to stave off the disease.

Finally, pomegranate oil contains anti-oxidants to help improve skin cells. When taken orally rather than just slathered onto the skin, there is the added benefit of fighting off bad cells within your body, like the ones that cause cancer and inflammatory diseases.

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