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Anti-Ulcer&Anti-Cancer Activity in SBT seed oil(2007/9/17 21:38:05)

One study performed by the Chinese Academy of Medical Sciences, Medical Plant Resource Development and Research Institute, Beijing, shows that Seabuckthorn Seed Oil has a 65.5% inhibition rate on gastric ulcers as compared to 55.2% for cimetidine 200mg and 0% for control group.

Another study performed by the Pathological & Physiological Study Group Of the Gansu Provincial Tumor Institute, China, concludes that Seabuckthorn Oil has definite anti-cancer activity. The experiment results showed the inhibiting rates of grafting tumors are all over 30% (p less than 0.05 or less than 0.01) when injected into the abdominal cavity three separate times.

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