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Appetite Suppressant From Pine Nuts(2008/2/18 21:30:31)

Pine nut is a new appetite suppressant product derived from natural product,The active component is pinolenic acid, one of the major fatty acids present in pine nut oil stimulates the feeling of satiety.

The hormone,cholecystokinin (CCK), is an important appetite controller, which is released in the gut . The ingredient increases the amount of CCK in the blood and, as a result, lessens the desire to eat.

An independent study conducted by TNO Food and Health involved a group of 18 women tested in a randomized crossover and double-blinded study. Capsules containing 3g pine nut oil and a placebo containing 3g of olive oil were used.
Satiety score and blood parameters linked to satiety like CCK were monitored in the research. The data showed the amount of CCK hormone significantly increased. Also, the desire to eat and the prospective food intake scores were less after 30 minutes after using pine nut oil.

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