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Pomegranate Seeds, The Key To Softer, Smoother....(2008/8/20 22:01:16)

Pomegranate is a great antioxidant, which helps prevent hyperpigmentation and wrinkles and promotes elasticity. And while all antioxidants have some skin cancer-fighting abilities, pomegranate trumps most other sources, including grapes, blueberries, and red wine. Pomegranate has higher antioxidant activity than green tea.

Pomegranate helps to protect the epidermis, or outer layer of skin.It strengthens your defenses even as it fights existing damage. Pomegranate helps soften, protect, and firm the skin, too.

Pomegranate oil, which comes from the seeds of the fruit, penetrates deeply, making it ideal for dry skin. In addition, it contains punicic acid, an omega-5 that hydrates and prevents moisture loss. Even people with oily skin can tolerate pomegranate oil. Because of its small molecular structure, pomegranate oil sinks right into the skin, making it compatible with most skin types.

Pomegranate can augment sunscreen's effectiveness, it's confirmed that pomegranate extract's ability to protect skin from the damaging effects of UV rays and reduce the incidence and development of skin tumors.Combining pomegranate oil with common chemical sunscreen ingredients such as avobenzone, octisalate, octinoxate, and oxybenzone may also increase the effectiveness of sunscreen.

The vitamin C in pomegranate keeps free radicals--from environmental chemicals, smoke, and excess sun, among other things--from breaking down skin cells and causing fine lines. Pomegranate oil also helps improve the appearance of existing wrinkles and aid in skin repair. It promotes the formation of collagen in the skin, which helps heal wounds and thicken the skin, adding that thin skin gradually reveals crow's-feet, under-eye bags, and dark circles.

After years of exposure to free radicals from the sun and pollution, skin's collagen begins to break down, resulting in sagging and other signs of aging. Pomegranate can counter these changes with substances that aid in firming the skin. Both the juice and seeds are rich in tannins, phenolic compounds, which have an astringent effect. They cause tissues to contract, temporarily resulting in a tighter appearance.

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