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Blackcurrant Seed Oil

Brief Introduction

Blackcurrant seed oil holds the key to healing relief of a variety of ailments ranging from inflammatory disorders to skin disorders and chronic nagging pain. The oil represents a breakthrough in the search for a drugless method of soothing unpleasant symptoms such as faulty immune function, stubborn aches and impaired recovery powers to many common
and uncommon disorders.


Late research shows that black currant oil (BCO) not only supplies important gamma linolenic acid, but also is a source of other needed essential fatty acids as well as the unique stearidonic acid, the precursors of the prostaglandin series PG3.

Fatty acids perform all kinds of vital functions in the body. They give energy, help maintain body temperature, cushion and protect tissues, and insulate the nerves. Essential fatty acids (EFA) are part of the structure of every cell in your body and are vital for metabolism. They are also the precursors of the all-important short-lived regulating molecules, the prostaglandins. These regulators act by blocking pain. They are needed to dilate blood vessels, lower arterial pressure, metabolize cholesterol, activate T-lymphocytes to boost immunity, protect against platelet aggregation, control abnormal cell proliferation, to name just a few vital functions.

Black currant seed oil contains a more complete range of EFA than evening primrose oil, the other plant source of GLA. In contrast, evening primrose oil contains only one EFA - linoleic acid plus gamma linolenic acid (GLA). Black currant seed oil contains two: linoleic acid and alpha linolenic acid plus GLA the unique steridonic acid.


(1) Regulate the menstrual cycle - including PMS in women.
(2) Regulate skin problems such as dry, flaky patches.
(3) Assist in regulating the body's immune system.
(4) Control every cell and organ in your body on a minute-by-minute basis.  
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