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Schisandra Oil

Brief Introduction

Schisandra oil or schizandra oil is Suercritical Co2 extracted from dehydrated mature fruits of a herb known as Schisandra chinensis and belongs to the Schisandraceae family,which is transparent yellow oily liquid. The active ingredients include schisandrin b.


The herb is a mediator that helps in enhancing the body’s defiance against diseases, anxiety, stress, and weaknesses as well as many other devastating physical conditions. Schisandra is highly beneficial in enhancing energy levels, refill and nurture the viscera, perk up eyesight, improve the activities of the muscles and also influence the energy cells throughout the body’. This product can also prevent untimely aging.

Schisandra is also claimed to be beneficial against premenstrual disorder. It is also helpful in arousing immune protection, facilitate recuperation after surgeries, add stability to body functions, regulate the body mechanisms, shield against radiation and infections, protect against motion sickness, stabilize the blood sugar and blood pressure, provide additional energy during anxiety and tensions as well as improve the vigor. It also has beneficial effects in lowering cholesterol levels, protection from diseases, invigorate the RNA-DNA molecules to reconstruct cells, enhance the fitness of the adrenals as well as generate power in the body akin to that in the youthful sportsperson.

Schisandra is a significant herbal remedy that acts as a stimulant all over the body. It helps in rejuvenating as well as conditioning different organs,especially the liver and the reproductive system. Schisandra is perhaps the most popular sex stimulant or tonic that is beneficial both for men and women.

The herb has a reputation to enhance discharge of sexual fluids and is also used as a remedy to increase sexual vigor amongst men. Schisandra is widely used to heal hepatitis as well as improve the functioning of the liver.

Although schisandra is considered and used as a stimulant, the herb is used to smoothen anxiety as well as quiet heart palpitations. Schisandra is also used for healing insomnia as well sleeping complaints. In fact, the herb is an ideal example of how adaptogenic thymes are used paradoxically to heal different body disorders and also to normalize the body activities.

Among other uses, schisandra is also used to heal the respiratory disorders like unceasing coughs, gasps and succinctness of breath. It is also useful for treating disorders like night panics, dehydration and urinary occurrence by tuning up the body system and kidney activities. In addition, schisandra is also used to cure numerous other physical problems like diarrhea, dysentery and even help to restore and improve deteriorating vision and sound perception.


it's mainly used as functional ingredient and  pharmaceutical material.    
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