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Camellia Oil

Brief Introduction

Camellia oil,also called tea oil, tea seed oil, is physically cold pressed from the seeds of Camellia oleifera,which does not contain erucic acid,cholesterol,aflatoxin and other additives. The unsaturated fatty acids in camellia oil reach up to 90% and more, including oleic acid 80-83%,linoleic acid 7-13%, and protein, vitamin A,B,D,E,etc, abundant linolenic acid is also what human body needs but can not synthetize itself. Expect essential fatty acids, camellia oil also contains tea polyphenols,saponin,tannin,squalene and flavonoids. Besides vitamins, camellia oil is rich in microelements:calcium,iron,zinc,zinc is ten times higher than soybean oil. Amino acids of camellia oil are also the highest of all the edible oils.


1.Tea polyphenols can detoxify and protect human body from radiation and radioactive substances, and expel strontium 90 and cobalt-60 from human body quickly, consequently tea polyphenols are called radiation killer.The detailed functions include antiageing,radioresistance,antibiosis,disinfection,inhibiting AIDS virus, toxic resistance of heavy metallic salt and alkaloid,improving eyesight,teeth protection,bad breath removal,digestion assistance,strengthening blood capillary tenacity,lower blood fat to guard against liver and coronary atherosclerosis; lower blood pressure,blood sugar,guard against cerebral apoplexy,thrombosis resistance,resistance of allergy, relieve tension of the alimentary canal,prevention of scurvy and anemia.Tea polyphenols are also helpful in preventing cardiovascular disease,skin care,digestion assistance,lowering cholesterol and prevent tumour.
2.Saponin: its functions include: two-way immunity and kidney regulation;resistance of oxygen lack,fatigue,lipid oxidation,mutagenicity and low temperature stress.
3.Tannin: its strong reducibility cleans superoxide radical for antiageing. Tannin can lower blood pressure,fight inflammation and expel parasites.Another function is increase blood exygen content to regulate immunity, it also improves human metabolism ro speed up recovering human tissues.
4.Squalene: As an antioxidant it relieves skin diseases like psoriasis and dermatitis.Squalene is helpful to cure heart disease,high blood pressure,low blood pressure,diabetes,gastric disease,the kidney disease,conjunctivitis,empyema,gynecopathy and rheumatoid arthritis; meanwhile squalene is also very useful to prevent and cure diseases due to lack of oxygen,heart disease,hepatitis and cancers.
5.Zinc: it helps to develop sexual organs and keep their normal functions.Lack of zinc leads to dry and rought skin, cornification of epithelium and  esophagus. Zinc can lower cholesteral, prevent and cure atherosclerosis and cancers.


Edible oil can be used in foods,cosmetics and pharmaceuticals, which can be directly used to skin care and spa, also can be used as an edible oil as olive oil.
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