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Orange Oil

Brief Introduction

Orange oil is an oil soluble orange red liquid, cold pressed from the peel of an orange fruit(Citrus reticulata), also called Mandarin oil,which is composed of above 90% limonene,and decanal, it is also used in place of pure limonene.


Orange oil has a wide array of benefits ranging from personal health and beauty to industrial applications and foodstuffs. A natural, nontoxic substance, it is widely used as a healthy and safe alternative to harsh treatments for insect removal, industrial solvents, stain removers and cleaning products. Orange oil has a pleasantly sweet, citrus aroma that creates a calming effect. It is commonly used in baked goods and cleaning products.


Physical Health Benefits

It is a treatment for unpleasant bodily functions such as flatulence, constipation, stress, slow digestion and dull skin, which also is used as a diuretic. As an antiseptic, it can inhibit microbial growth and prevent infection in cuts or scrapes.

Beauty Applications
It is used as a gentle treatment against the effects of collagen formation in the skin and as an antispasmodic to relax skin and muscles. Some people use orange oil as a mild sedative or as an aphrodisiac.

Personal Health Benefits
Orange oil is an antidepressant. Its fresh, citrus smell and relaxing, sedative qualities are used by aromatherapists to bring calm, relaxation and happiness to their patients.

Household Cleaner
Orange-scented dish detergent, cleaning spray and disinfectant contain orange oil as an active ingredient. Limonene is the element in orange oil that gives citrus fruits their fragrant aroma.

Orange oil in small amounts can be used as flavor additions in cooking. Similar tovanilla or vanilla extract, a few drops of orange oil can be added to cake batter, chocolates or cookies.

Termite Treatment & Removal
Orange oil is well known to deter termites. As an alternative to harsh chemical extermination methods, it allows you to live in your house during the treatment period. The fumes are safe for people, pets and plants without toxicity.

Industrial Applications
Many items needed for daily life use orange oil, including scented soaps, body lotions, creams, anti-mark and wrinkle products, room fresheners, baked goods and chocolates, deodorants and soft drinks.

Orange oil is a gentle and safe solvent, which is used as an ingredient in many adhesives, stain removers and cleaners.   
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