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Silkworm Chrysalis Oil

Brief Introduction

Silkworm chrysalis oil is extracted from the silk chrysalis of house-silkworm, which is yellow transparent oil liquid, and rich in alpha linolenic acid (ALA), the body converts alpha linolenic acid into the longer chain fatty acids EPA and DHA, and prostacyclin. Silkworm chrysalis oil shows its important role in lowering blood sugar, inhibiting thrombus and regulating blood fat with no liver lipid storage disease. Additionally it’s helpful to regulate inflammatory mediators and interleukins to protect liver.


Lowering liver (blood)fat and blood pressure: silkworm chrysalis oil increases the activity of liver mitochondrion and enzymes related to fatty acid oxidation, the synthesis of TG is inhibited by breaking fatty acids; the oil is also helpful to prevent the TC synthetase: HMG-CoA reductase, The TC of liver decreases when blood serum lowers, Higher activity of serum lecithin cholesterol acyltransferase (LCAT) helps the produce of mature HDL-C and TC antiport.
Lowering blood sugar: silkworm chrysalis oil helps balancing prostaglandins and insula β-cell excrete insulin to lower blood sugar.
Weight Loss, Ant ageing: silkworm chrysalis oil increases the activity of fat mitochondrion to use up extra calories without side-effects, meanwhile it plays an important role in synthesizing cell membrane, which helps improve wrinkles, pigment residues, etc.
Brain strengthening: the metabolite of silkworm chrysalis oil: EPA and DHA, helps the synthesis of nuclein protein and monoamines, which improving the memory.
Improving immunity: The fatty acid of silkworm chrysalis oil improves the flexibility of immune cell membrane to prevent semi-health.


Silkworm chrysalis oil is used in functional foods, health care products, cosmetics and pharmaceuticals.
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