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Zanthoxylum Oil

Brief Introduction

Zanthoxylum oil is supercritical Co2 extracted from the husks of zanthoxylum bungeanum. The chemical components of the oil include limonene,cumic alcohol,geraniol,phytosterol and unsaturated fatty acids.The zanthoxylum from Qingchuan(a county of Sichuan) contains estragolen, methyl-chavicol,bergapten and benzoic acid.


Pathogenic microorganism inhibition
Zanthoxylum oil inhibits bacillus anthracis,hemolytic streptococcus,diphtheria bacilli,false diphtheria bacilli,pneumococcus,staphylococcus aureus,lemon aureus,staphylococcus albus,bacillus subtilis,gram-positive bacteria,e. coli,shigella sonnei,proteus,salmonella typhi,paratyphoid bacilli,pseudomonas aeruginosa and vibrio cholerae.
Zanthoxylum oil can poison the ascaris suum, which is better can the other repellents, geraniol of the oil repels cavy roundworms.
Helpful to myocardial damage under pressure.
Studies show:zanthoxylum oil protects myocardial damage and thrombocyte aggregation caused by catecholamine secretion, which saves the energy and cards cardiac enzymes.


Zanthoxylum oil is mainly used in meat products, instant noodles, seafood, seasonings, puffed foods, snack foods and spicy foods.  
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