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Goji Seed Oil

Brief Introduction

Goji seeds are the seeds of wolfberry, Also called Wolfberry, which is rich in bioactive substances for life growth and development. Researches indicates that goji seeds contain 68.3% of linoleic acid, 19.1% of oleic acid, 3.1% of γ-linolenic acid, 27 mg of vitamin E and 170 mg of β-carotene in 100 g of seeds,0.25% of lipoid, many trace elements, epidermal growth factors, SOD, etc. 


Clinic studies also prove that goji seed oil has the following functions:
(1) reducing cholesterol in blood plasma, lowering the content of cholesterol in haemal wall, and preventing hyperlipemia and atherosclerosis;
(2) accelerating skin blood circulation, directly involving in skin metabolism, reducing free radical oxygen, postponing the consenescence of epidermis and hypoderm, strengthening skin hydration in favor of skin pliability and elasticity;
(3) reducing age pigment and chloasma;
(4) strengthening sex driving, especially for the older;
(5) curing glaucoma and cataract.


Nutrition health products, functional foods, middle and old age foods, cosmetics and
pharmaceutical materials.
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