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How Long Does It Take For Rosehip Oil To Cure Scar(2010/5/10 4:42:23)
Rosehip oil can repair damaged cells and help cell regeneration,is useful to different damaged skin situation. For new and small damaged scar, it takes 3 days to roll skin,5 months to recover completely; for old scar(2 cm long,2 mm wide) it needs 10 to 15 days to soften the skin, 3 months to take effect, about 1 year to recover completely;for burn and scald(about 1 suqare milimeter) it usually takes 1 year to recover completely, which could be different due to the size and wound level, deeper scar means more time needed. Generally,when the scald and burn is coated with rosehip oil in time after cold water washing, no blisters to break out in; it takes 2-3 days to break the blisters when the oil is coated after the blisters break out in, half a year is needed to recover small scar while one year for big scar.The skin is not easily infected when rosehip oil is used.
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