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Ways to Identify Ganoderma Spore Oil Quality(2011/2/23 7:56:01)
For ordinary comsumers, there are four ways to identify the quality of ganoderma spore oil:
1.color: high quality oil is light golden yellow and lustrous, bad oil is from slight yellow to colorless;
2.odor: high quality oil owns strong characteristic odor of ganoderma and ganoderma spore, bad oil is odorless, even smells unpleasant;
3.taste: high quality oil tastes slight bitter, bad oil is tasteless, even aeoa;
4.source: high quality oil is extracted from fresh ganoderma spores, which come from natural basswoods,and germination activation processes before spore breaking and oil extraction. the spores of bad oil come from cotton seed hulls or sawdust, and no germination activation at all.
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